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Evolve MMA Shermanart Testimonial

ShermanArt has been one of our most valuable assets over the past 3 years.  Not only have they surpassed our expectations with their amazing creative skills, their ability to know exactly what we want has saved us a fortune in time finalizing projects.  Freddie Sherman has gone above and beyond what is usually the norm in the business to make sure that our projects are a priority and are completed in a professional, timely manner.  Our companies […]


How and why do influencers make so much money?

Open Instagram and scroll, and you likely can’t go more than a few seconds without seeing someone you follow promoting a brand, whether it’s a celebrity, a wannabe celebrity, or that random girl you went to college with who’s somehow managed to become a famous fashion blogger. According to the influencer management platform Traackr, 72 percent of major brands say they are dedicating a sizable portion of their marketing budgets to influencers — people with […]


Rest in peace, Stan Lee

I was lucky enough to meet Stan Lee about 4 years ago in the reception area of Mattel in El Segundo. Stan showed up with an entourage and I thought to myself, “Who would be important enough to show up with that many people!?” I soon received my answer. In walks Stan The Man himself. I don’t usually get starstruck, but I was very excited to meet him. So, I introduced myself, much to the […]


Giving and Accepting Praise

Over the years I’ve been extremely fortunate in finding amazing domestic and offshore resources whose work has provided high-quality results for my clients, which in turn, has helped me grow my business tremendously. I’ve always been prone to verbalizing my gratitude when things are going well. It not only allows me an opportunity to give thanks for a job well done, but my hope is that my acknowledgement also helps people understand their value and […]


50 Amazing Designers You Should Know… I guess I just missed the list!

*excerpt from Canva.com: There’s a certain feeling that you get when you step into an art gallery or see an exhibition for the first time. Inspiration: it makes your eyes wide and your brain start ticking. Most importantly, it’s a powerful force to drive new ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration for a graphic design project, there’s no better way to motivate yourself than to see good design in action. Between imagining the technology that’s pushing us […]

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